Farlap's Rose


Photo taken 9-12-17


DOB:     1-10-05

Measurement History -
70.5 TTT and 80 Total Horn on 10-9-18
69.75 TTT on 5-8-18
69.25 TTT and 70.25 Total Horn on 9-22-17
68.5 TTT on 4-17-17
68 TTT on 11-7-16
67.75 TTT on 6-20-16
67 inches TTT and 76.75 inches Total Horn on 10-19-15
65.5 inches TTT and 76 inches Total Horn on 10-27-14

Not for sale at this time.

I just love the twist that this cow has in her horns. She has a very feminine face and is a very gentle cow. The pictures do not do her justice. She is more beautiful in person. Bob Loomis bred out of the Farlap Chex bull. She is a little smaller framed cow than most of the cows we have but as you can see in the pictures below she throws some beautiful colored calves!! She is super friendly and will eat cubes out of your hand. She has a great temperment!

Photo taken 9-12-17




2017 Heifer calf - Annabelle 1713

2016 Steer calf - LL Leo

2015 Bull calf

2014 Bull calf