LL Dixie Darlin'

Photo taken 11-1-18

DOB:     8-01-15

Measurement History -
50.5 TTT and 66 Total Horn on 10-9-18
49 TTT on 5-7-18
46.5 TTT and 54.5 Total Horn on 9-22-17
39.5 TTT on 4-10-17
29.5 TTT on 10-6-16
22.25 TTT on 6-20-16

Not for sale at this time. 

Just a gorgeous little calf that we have decided to keep as a replacement for her Dam. We think she will be a great producer of color as her Dam was. We have loved seeing what JH Big Rigg did for our herd, he brought better size and horn growth on his calves. She may not look like much now but just wait until she hits 2 years old. We've seen that these calves really take off around the 2-3 year mark.

Millennium Futurity Eligible.


Photo taken 6-21-17