ECR True Heir

Photo taken  6-21-17

DOB:  3-17-07

Measurement History - 
72 TTT and 86.5 Total Horn on 9-22-17
71 inches TTT on 4-17-17
70.75 inches TTT on 11-7-16
70 inches TTT on 6-20-16
69.25 inches TTT and 83.5 inches Total Horn on 10-19-15
67.75 inches TTT and 82.75 inches Total Horn on 10-27-14

Not for sale at this time.

Purchased from the El Coyote Ranch this girl has some great horns with a big swooping twist. Just love the color on this girl and she throws calves with even more spots than she has. She has been one of our absolute best producers!!! She has thrown the most colorful calves that bring the most money for us.

Millennium Futurity Eligible

Photo taken 6-21-17

Photo taken 6-21-17 (shows big twist in horns)



2017 Heifer calf

 2015 Bull calf

2013 Heifer calf - LL Speckled Jewel

2011 Heifer calf - Yaupon LL

2010 Heifer calf - LL Fandangos Heiress