High Prissy

Photo taken 9-12-17


DOB:  5-03-09

Measurement History -
58.75 TTT and 72 Total Horn on 10-9-18
58.5 TTT on 5-7-18
58.25 TTT and 69.75 Total Horn on 9-22-17 
57.5 TTT on 4-17-17
57 TTT on 11-7-17
56.75 TTT on 6-20-16
56.25 TTT and 69 inches Total Horn on 10-19-15
55 inches TTT and 67.5 inches Total Horn on 10-27-14

Not for sale at this time.

She is our Kissing Cow.  The most friendliest cow on the ranch.  Loves to eat cubes out of your hand. With her beautiful speckled coloring she has thrown some great looking calves. She was not very cooperative this go around for pictures and I never got a picture of her right side. Will work on that for the future but these will have to do for now.

Millennium Futurity Eligible

Photo taken 9-12-17


2016 Heifer calf - Elenor Some More

2014 Steer calf

2013 Heifer calf - LL Jezabelle