About Us


About Us


I purchased my first longhorn in 2010 as a gift for my husband who loves the University of Texas and always wanted to own a Longhorn. Well, I figured he would be the one to get “hooked” on the breed but instead I have become the one “hooked". My passion for this gentle and gorgeous breed continues to grow everyday. They have become my Longhorns, my babies!

We have built a good Foundation Herd since then. We are keeping things on a smaller scale here and do not offer too many bigger cows for sale. From time to time we will keep a calf and grow her up to a 2/3 year old or until she calves to see how she turns out. We will be offering some of these for sale by private treaty and to consign to sales. We have offered up a few more mature cows for sale lately as we are retaining some of our bred and owned heifers to build our Herd. Its nice to see the Foundation Herd switching from cows we have just purchased to cows we have bred and that have our brand on them!!

As far as bulls go, we have LL Reject's Rowdy who is a son of JP Rio Grande as our Junior Herd sire. He has some amazing measurements for such a young fella and we think he is something special!! We sold our 72 inch TTT bull with big bases, JH Bigg Rigg. We are keeping a few of his offspring to add to our foundation cows. He gave us some really nice calves but you just can't keep a bull around for too long, especially if your keeping many of his offspring.  Jolt is now Sold too to make room for a new bull that we were excited to get our hands on. J.R. Flash is the new Senior Herd Sire as of October 2016. He is a flashy black and white guy who is HUGE, tall and muscular. You can only appreciate his size in person, he is also 84.25 inches TTT as a 6 year old!!!!!! You can't beat that!!

Also worth noting is that we have competed DNA markers on the whole herd. Especially now since we have 2 bulls, we will be doing DNA Parentage Verification on all the new calves starting in 2017. This is not a requirement for registration but we are getting ahead of the game and think it adds a significant value to the animal you purchase!!

I hope you'll take a look at the beautiful calves we are breeding and consider one of them for your pasture. We hope you’ll check back often and watch us grow in quantity and quality. Thanks for stopping by.

Family Photo 2016 with TL Ms. Billie our Champion Show Heifer


Family Photo 2014



About the Ranch/Cattle

As far as the pictures of all the animals here on the website go, I try to update them at least every six months.This is especially true on the young ones as you can really see the horn growth and changes on them faster.The older cows you can't really tell that big of a change in the picture so they are not updated quite as often, especially if they "posed" perfect for me and I've got a really great picture. If you ever want to see a more up to date picture of anyone just e-mail me and I'll be happy to get out and get one for you. Not all the pictures are as perfect as I would like them to be. There are a few cows that I need to try and get some better pictures of but that is an ongoing process. Some are just more photogenic than others!!

As far as the measurement information is concerned we measure all of the longhorns twice a year, usually in April and October. At this time everyone gets wormed, vaccinated, measured and a good "look over" from horn to hoof. We don't take any other measurements than this because it is a lot of hard work and it stresses them (and me) out. The only exception to this is if we need to corral one of them because they need medical attention or something might look fishy and we need a closer look. Or for some of the younger heifer calves that are being weaned or are pulled in for their Brucellosis (Bangs) vaccine that must be given by the vet betweeen 4 and 12 months. If we see something that needs a closer look we always take it. So during those times when we have them in the chute we may measure also.


Cattle Manager - Andy Ripper branding   Andy and Clinton working cows