Awesome Blossom PC349


Photo taken 9-12-17


DOB:     6-11-10

Measurement History -
63 TTT and 84 Total Horn on 10-9-18
62.25 TTT on 5-7-18
61.75 TTT and 82 Total Horn on 9-22-17
60.75 inches TTT on 4-17-17
60.25 inches TTT on 11-7-16
59.75 inches TTT on 6-20-16
58.75 inches TTT and 80 inches Total Horn on 10-19-15 
56.75 inches TTT and 76.5 inches Total Horn on 10-27-14

Not for sale at this time.

Love the color and huge goal post shaped horns on this girl. She is one that we bought from the Panther Creek herd dispersal sale in 2014. Love that we can own a piece of Joe Valentine's exceptional breeding. Another great Awesome Alamo daughter here that has a nice large body and great color, just what I like most. She is truly an asset to our breeding program!! Her color changes season to season and how the light hits it. I would say she is truly a tri color with red, black, and white.



Photo taken 9-12-17



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