CO Texas Sweetheart


Photo taken 6-21-17

DOB:     5-20-13

Measurement History -
59.25 TTT and 79 Total Horn on 10-9-18
57.5 TTT on 5-7-18
56 TTT and 74 Total Horn on 9-22-17
53.5 inches TTT on 4-17-17
52.5 inches TTT on 11-7-16
50.5 inches TTT on 6-20-16
48.25 inches TTT and 59.5 inches Total Horn on 10-19-15
39 inches TTT and 42.5 inches Total Horn on 10-27-14

Not for sale at this time.

Another beautiful Awesome Alamo daughter that really brings the color. We can't wait to see where this one is headed to!! She comes to us from Rocking O Ranch. They have a very solid program and we are excited to build upon it.  Black horns always take a little longer to grow but she is really rocking it now.


Photo taken 6-21-17


2017 Heifer Calf

She had a White Heifer calf with black ears, nose and feet in 2016 that I failed to get a picture of.